Saturday, February 12, 2011

Customer Care Accelerator


Microsoft have released a accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM called Customer Care Accelerator (CCA). This is to incorporate the concepts offered by Customer Care Framework (CCF). CCA is available for download at codeplex/cca site and it is free to download. It is available for CRM 4.0 on premise. It will be available for CRM 2011. The CCA R2 is suppose to be for CRM 2011 and should work with online and on premise installations. It should be available by around mid April. CCA R1 is for CRM 4.0.

Customer Care Accelerator (CCA) is consist of following major components:

  • Application Integration Framework (AIF)
  • Hosted Application Toolkit (HAT)
  • User Interface Integration (UII)
  • Date Driven Adapter (DDA)
  • Integrated Agent Desktop (IAD)

It stores all its configuration in MSCRM. UII/HAT uses Windows workflow while writing the required automations.

Click here to see the demo (compiled by Simon Hutson).

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