Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Viewing Fusion log

Today I came across the situation where I need to resolve the dependency issue of assembly. I was referring an assembly remotely and that assembly was referring to some other assembly. I was getting error that assembly was not found but I could not able to figure out where I need to place the assembly file so that system can pickup. Then I came to know there is something known as Fusionlog. Fusionlog can help finding issues related to assembly bindings.
You might need to configure some settings before you able to see the log. You can use fuslogvw.exe to view the log. To create/modify settings you need to do following:
1. Create a folder where you would like to dump the log files. For example D:\MyFusionLogs
2. Add a key in registry of type string named “LogPath” at following location
3. Set value of key “LogFailures” to 1 at same location
Doing this will enable writing fusion log and those logs can be viewed using fuslogvw.exe utility. This is a GUI and you need to run fuslogvw.exe command on Visual Studio’s command prompt to get this.

Fusion log can be used for debugging while you have issues related to assembly bindings.

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